Kerri Katastrophe

Dr Sketchy’s On Tour – Castlepalooza Festival


If there’s one thing you can say about the team behind Dr Sketchy’s Dublin Branch, it’s that we’re always up for a road trip. On August 4th, we piled into the car, strapped on our wellies and headed down to the Castlepalooza Festival in Tullamore. (note: only one of us actually owns a pair of wellies or any sort of “festival” attire, the ever-prepared Michelle Noir!)

Dr Sketchy’s Headmistress, Scarlett Nymph, worked her magic and transformed the stage in the main ballroom into the perfect retro sci-fi set, with glitzy disco-ball planets orbiting sequined silver chairs.

Models Michelle Noir and Sarah Vixyn took to the stage in glitter boppers and sky-high silver heels, striking fabulous poses reminiscent of 60s screen sirens (think Jane Fonda on the poster for Barbarella). ¬†Festival goers filled the room for the sessions, hoping to win tequila or cupcake prizes for the best blind drawing, best caption and best left handed drawing (and by that we mean”non-dominant” hand, lefties!)

As well as superstar photographer, I also played the part of hairdresser – I can be credited for Sarah Vixyn’s retro bumper hairdo teamed with standard backcombed tresses. I was also in charge of the glitter distribution, and given the amount of green glitter embedded in Michelle and Sarah’s hair, I think that’s the last time I’ll be given that job!

All photographs are my own.




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