Kerri Katastrophe

Dr Sketchy’s at the White Lady Art Gallery


Dr Sketchy’s Dublin free taster session at the White Lady Art Gallery with Azaria Starfire.

On the 26th March, the doctor made a house call to the White Lady Art Gallery on Wellington quay for free “taster” sessions as part of the exhibition, Drawing Inspiration.

The gallery is a really beautiful space, and taking inspiration from artists such as Gil Elvgren and Joyce Ballantyne, model Azaria Starfire utilised the gallery’s original hairdressing fixtures to channel her inner (and outer!) vintage pinup. Draped in a fur stole with her rollers in, Azaria pulled classic poses and wielded hot pink feather fans while a full house of Art Monkeys sketched away in the hope of winning one of Dr Sketchy’s infamous Pow! Cake That! cupcakes, a shot of tequila, or one of the mystery book prizes, supplied by the gallery.

Pow! Cake That! cupcakes are always amazing, delicious little bites of talent. One can only gaze upon them in “how does she do it?” wonderment. However, this time, just to kick things up a notch, I was pleasantly shocked to see that the cupcakes were decorated with sugarcraft sketches of MY BEWBS from the Pow! Cake That! creator’s own drawings from Dr Sketchy’s Nutcracker session in November 2013!

You can catch the next Dr Sketchy’s Session this weekend, April 26th in 4 Dame Lane for a Tribute to Mata Hari. The next mid-week session takes place on May 7th.

All photographs are my own.


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