Kerri Katastrophe

Dr Sketchy’s Garden of Eden

Dr Sketchy’s Dublin May Session with Randal Jones, Kitty LeRoux and Biggy The Snake.

On May 24th, the Dublin Branch of Dr Sketchy’s celebrated their 4th birthday in style, by recreating the Garden of Eden right in centre of Dublin, in 4 Dame Lane. 

Alongside veteran model Randal Jones, two brand new models made their Dr Sketchy’s debut; Kitty LeRoux and Biggy The Snake! Lovingly nicknamed “Puppy Dog Snake”, Biggy is an Albino Burmese Python who weighs in at over 45 lbs and is as of yet not fully grown… yikes.

It’s always great to meet new Dr Sketchy’s models, and together Randal and Kitty made a fantastic team as Adam and Eve, striking their best “Original Sin” poses and flexing those muscles to hold up and extremely heavy Serpent.

In true Dr Sketchy’s style, we celebrated our 4th Birthday with delicious Pow! Cake That Garden of Eden themed cupcakes (pictured) and an unbelievably delicious chocolate cake which unfortunately did not last long enough to be photographed. Much to the horror of Ophidiophobic Scarlett Nymph, Kitty LeRoux brought along a whole host of Biggy’s lovely friends, as she had come from hosting a reptile party earlier that day.

Reptile Parties are available for kids and teenagers, through Jnr VIP. Many of Kitty’s reptiles are rescues from Reptile Rescue and Rehome Ireland. (Biggy herself is also a rescue!)

All photos are my own, full photo set will be available shortly on the Dr Sketchy’s Dublin website.



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