Kerri Katastrophe

Dr Sketchy’s Wizard of Oz 2014


Dr Sketchy’s Galway June Session: Wizard of Oz with Shir Madness and Kat Moiselle.

On June 14th, Dr Sketchy’s Galway hosted an updated version of Dublin’s 2012 homage to The Wizard of Oz.

If you happened to catch Dr Sketchy’s “Invasion” themed session in March (or if you have been to almost any burlesque / cabaret show recently) you might already know the amazing whirling hoop-tress, Shir Madness. Yes I make up words. The lovely Shir made her Sketchy’s modelling debut alongside veteran model and performer Kat Moiselle.

Featuring a sequinned Emerald City, a yellow brick road and a field of poppies (that no one knew were supposed to be poppies), Scarlett Nymph brought the stage of Kelly’s Galway to life in typical fashion, to create a magical Oz.

All photos are my own, full photo set available the Dr Sketchy’s Galway website.

B_DSWOO_P1220698B_DSWOO_DSC_3647 B_DSWOO_DSC_3678 B_DSWOO_P1220711 B_DSWOO_P1220720 B_DSWOO_P1220746 B_DSWOO_P1220841 B_DSWOO_P1220877 B_DSWOO_P1220928 B_DSWOO_P1220949

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